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Sale of Canal and River Books: Major auction on Wednesday 21st September.


We've been sent a Press Release from Chiswick Auctions: www.chiswickauctions.co.uk

Sale of Canal and River Books

Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 1pm

Chiswick Auctions is proud to announce its upcoming sale of Canal and River ephemera which will be taking place on Wednesday 21st September.

From the private collection of Mark Baldwin, one of the UK’s most prolific canal book collectors, the auction is set to be an industry game changer.

Having bought his first waterway book in the 1950s ‘The Wanderings of the Beetle’ (1885) as a teenager, he has been avidly collecting until very recently. Much of his library was sold by Chiswick Auctions last year, and this year we will be selling a couple of thousand smaller items – Acts of Parliament (from 1695 onwards), canal prints, monographs, publicity material, canal tokens and medallions, and postcards (some hundreds of which are around a hundred years old), as well as some books.

It was the acquisition of Charles Hadfield’s waterway collection in the 1970s which instigated Mark’s ascent into the world of more serious collecting, as it vastly extended his own collection and gave him the impetus to build one of his own. This was facilitated by becoming a book-seller in 1978, part-time at first before progressing to full-time in 1986. In between this time, Mark became an author, publishing the first comprehensive bibliography on British canals, In addition, he has also gone on to lecture on the subject.

Available in the auction will be a strong waterway collection featuring material from not just the United Kingdom, with some foreign material as well. With over 2000 items across 150 lots, the sale is set to be an exciting one.