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Work Party; Rubbish collection - Reduced strength in holiday period

Please find below an update on our latest work party and details of some new projects.
We have now completed 94 work parties, which have involved 921 volunteer days and 4,310 hours, all of which has contributed to making the Middlewich Branch canal

1). Work Party - Saturday September 10th

With reduced numbers of volunteers this month, due to holidays, boating or other commitments, we reduced the amount of work that we could achieve. Nevertheless everyone concerned made further valuable improvements to the towpath at Church Minshull between Hoolgrave Bridge 11 and Minshullhill Bridge 14.

The new wash walls between bridges 11 and 12, which last month we backfilled with rubble, were levelled with three tons of grit. In October the towpath will be finished with top soil.

Last month we rebuilt the culvert fence between bridges 11 and 12 - this month it was given a coat of paint and now looks really smart. Hopefully the fence will not suffer the same fate as its predecessor and "disappear".

We replaced the top two rails of the stile at the entrance to Bluebell Wood with oak recycled from our work at Brickyard Bridge 6. In order to allow access over the stile, only half of it was given a coat of paint.

We completed a litter pick and collected a significant amount of rubbish - paper, plastic and alcohol cans etc - especially from around bridge 14, presumably thrown from passing traffic. From further along the towpath we collected a fisherman's broken umbrella, two torn keep nets (see photo!), a narrowboat's wooden door, two bricks cemented together and a sheet of corrugated iron.


2). Future Work Parties
Sat Oct 15th - Wash wall repairs and towpath & offside cutting back. (Details next week).
Sat Nov 12th - Towpath & offside cutting back.
Sat Dec 10th - Towpath & offside cutting back.

Hedge Cutting
Earlier this year we successfully completed laying the 200 metre hedge opposite Venetian Marina. We are awaiting confirmation that in October we will be making a start on the hedge above Cholmondeston Lock.


3). Saturn Fly Boat - Cheese Run
Thursday May 11th to Sunday 14th 2017
From Ellesmere to Castlefield Basin
Via Llangollen, Middlewich Branch, Trent & Mersey & Bridgewater Canals

We have agreed to help Saturn's crew with the fly run as it passes along the Middlewich Branch and, if we have sufficient volunteers, through Middlewich to Big Lock. The type of help required will be - Lock keeping - Course marshalling - Liaising with boaters - Lifting the tow line over moored boats.

This will be a major publicised event and as Saturn travels along the Middlewich Branch will further raise our canal's already high profile. Further details in due course.


4). CRT Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
We have agreed to help complete some of CRT's ongoing PPM on the Middlewich Branch. These tasks are carried out at regular pre-determined intervals throughout the year and include maintenance of locks, culverts, sluices and aqueducts.

Initially we will join CRT's team members to "learn the job" and the locations of the sluices, culverts & aqueducts - but thereafter it is intended that we will work alone using a CRT boat.

Kind Regards



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