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Work Party No 91 - Saturday August 13

Thank you very much to everyone who was able to help. Another very productive day further improving the maintenance and visual attraction of the Middlewich Branch from Barbridge Junction to Bridge 15 for the benefit of all users of the canal.

Between Hoolgrave Bridge 11 & Eardswick Bridge 12
Last year long sections of broken concrete wash wall were repaired by CRT's local team. We have now started to backfill the gap between the new wash walls and the towpath with three tons of assorted rubble. Next month in September we will complete the backfilling and improve the level of the towpath with top soil. This will both widen the towpath and make it much safer for walking when it is wet and during the winter.

A dilapidated fence above the steps to a culvert has slowly 'disappeared' in the last 12 months (wood burning stoves?). We have now erected a brand new replacement, including a stile for easy access by CRT's team. The timbers will be painted in September.

Hoolgrave Bridge Bridge 11
The steps' timbers, gate and fencing were given their annual repaint in dark chestnut - nettles and brambles were cut back. This is part of the Church Minshull circular walk and it all now looks very smart and welcoming on your way to/from the village - or to the Badger Inn!!

Brickyard Bridge 6
This very prominent bridge has now received its final coat of paint and has been returned to its former glory. As you approach from Cholmondeston lock doesn't it look like Monet's painting?

In April and May all the bridge's rotten timbers were replaced and the steps and handrail were repaired. In July the bridge's timbers and metalwork were painted white and the steps' handrail dark chestnut. On our latest work party the bridge's underside metal work was painted black. An excellent job completed - with contributions from many of SUMBA's volunteers.

Kind Regards
Graham ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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