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We have now completed 88 Work Parties, involving 863 Volunteer Days and 4,044 Hours. This is making a major visual difference to the Middlewich Branch for all the canal's many users.

Work Party - Saturday July 23rd
In terms of improving the overall visual experience for Middlewich Branch canal users - this was potentially one of our best work parties to date.

Cholmondeston Lock
Over 30 metres of gritted path was laid and compacted from the road bridge to the end of the lower lock moorings. This will now stop the towpath from puddling in wet weather and eliminate the previous trip hazards around the mooring posts. The team are to be congratulated for shovelling three ton of grit out of Gowy's hold in extremely hot conditions!!

Brickyard Bridge 6
In April & May we replaced all the bridge's rotten timbers and repaired the steps and the handrail. The handrail has now been painted in dark chestnut and white Sadolin and Hammerite applied to the bridge's timbers. It's all now looking really smart as you approach along the canal - only the black parts of the bridge remain to be painted in August.

2016 Living Waterways Award - Natural Environmental category
Website - https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/2016-living-waterways-awards

* * * We've Reached The Finals * * *
Together with other CRT hedgerow projects around the network, the 250 metres of untamed hedgerow that we laid between bridges 5 & 5a opposite Venetian Marina has now reached the national Living Waterways Awards finals.

During the Autumn/Winter months between Jan 2015 & Mar 2016, often working in extremely wet and demanding conditions, our 'tree huggers' held work parties twice a month to clear away the undergrowth and dead wood etc. and lay the useful parts of the hedge. CRT obtained a grant to provide us with three days of professional training - when we were shown all our mistakes!

Last June the overall project was shortlisted for a 2016 Living Waterways Award and our hedge was selected for inspection by the judges. Clearly they must have been impressed that everything was green and not killed off - as the project has now reached the finals in September.
Wish us luck.


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