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Canal boat pull gets off to a great start

Boat Pull

Dawn Rose's epic journey from Shireoaks to the River Trent and back got off to a wonderful start on June 4th. The first group were the Friends of Woodlands and Coachwood Green, plus a couple of volunteers from McDonald's. They pulled the 70 foot long, hand-built, wooden narrowboat for two miles between Shireoaks and the Priory Centre at Worksop.

They brought lots of supporters, many carrying collection buckets. The first two volunteers to be put into the harnesses were Cllr Sybil Fielding and her daughter. Cllr Fielding is a very long-term supporter of the New Dawn Project.

Boat Pull

The boat pull is being organised by the Friends of Dawn Rose. The journey has been split up into twenty sections which vary from less than one mile to four miles and no locks to eight locks. Groups have chosen which section suits them best - on which day and at what time of day. They set off on June 4th and will finish on June 18th. Every group has paid a £50 fee to the Friends of Dawn Rose and everything else that they raise goes to their chosen good cause.

Boat Pull

Pulling a ten ton boat might sound impossible. In fact it is surprisingly easy. The Friends supply harnesses with which two people can pull Dawn Rose very comfortably. The Friends steer and manage the boat, but the groups can help, under supervision.

Boat Pull

If you missed out this year, look out for a repeat next year.

Chesterfield Canal boats were built to a unique design dating back to the 1770s. They scarcely changed in 150 years. All the old ones have rotted away, so Dawn Rose is the only one in existence. It is 70’ long with no engine and was built over the course of four years by volunteers from the Chesterfield Canal Trust to the traditional design, using hand tools only, and was launched last year.