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SUMBA Work Parties - April/May


Work Party - Saturday April 16th.

Our Spring/Summer maintenance programme continued at Brickyard Bridge 6 and Sykes Hollow Picnic Area - our first multi site work party. Many thanks to all our 19 volunteers for a magnificent job and welcome to Richard and Jane who joined us for the first time.

Brickyard Bridge
The bridge's steps were dug out and re-gritted and the handrail and posts repaired - with the heavy grass growth removed it now looks well maintained. Replacing the bridge's rotten horizontal rails was difficult due to the restricted work area and potential safety issues. In the end we managed to replace the top row on both sides. The second and third rows will be completed in May and everything will be repainted and looking spick and span in August.

Sykes Hollow Picnic Area
Five picnic tables and BBQs, signage and totem posts were given their annual repaint. It's all now looking smart and ready to welcome the numerous visitors who come to this rural location. Continuing with our gardening project at mooring locations, we planted blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes and some rhubarb for everyone to enjoy.

"Pop Up" Work Party - Wednesday April 20
With the good weather at short notice we organised a couple of hours at Cholmondeston Lock. Four volunteers painted the picnic tables, BBQs and totem posts and tended to the fruit bushes that we planted last month. We'll repeat this new format elsewhere in the coming weeks.


Please email if you help - [email protected]

Saturday May 14th.
Meet And Park At - Aqueduct Marina
Time - 9:30am to mid afternoon
CRT's Gowy will take us and our equipment to the work sites

There are two projects to be completed
1) Brickyard Bridge
Finish April's replacement of the bridge's rotten horizontal timbers.

2) Minshull Lock
Annual repainting and maintenance of the lock and its surrounding area.

Kind regards


Graham Russell
Mobile: 07853 275 222