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"CLEAN FOR THE QUEEN" - Saturday March 5th 2016

We have now completed 68 Work Parties, involving 637 Volunteer Days and 2,916 Hours. This is making a major visual difference to the Middlewich Branch for all the canal's many users.


"CLEAN FOR THE QUEEN" - Saturday March 5th 2016 WOW!! What a fantastic and enjoyable day. Our largest and most well attended Work Party to date.

A mammoth twelve miles of canal towpath and adjacent embankments were litter picked from Calverley on the Shropshire Union canal to Barbridge Junction and from there to Middlewich on the Middlewich Branch canal.

Thirty five volunteers - including Richard Parry CRT's Chief Exec, Cubs & Leaders from Nantwich and staff from Active Cheshire - met at Aqueduct Marina at 10:00am on a very cold morning and were warmed with hot drinks courtesy of The Galley restaurant. Five teams, with their equipment and personal protection, were then driven to their starting points along the twelve mile route - and the litter picking commenced in earnest whilst they walked back to the Marina.

Our two boats decorated with flags and banners, NB "No Plan 2" and CRT's "Gowy", started from either end of the Middlewich Branch canal and worked their way back to Aqueduct Marina, collecting the filled litter bags and fly tipping on the way. One very tired team who had the longest route, and as it turned out the biggest job with litter and fly tipping near Middlewich, gratefully accepted a lift back in "Gowy"!

Everyone had returned to Aqueduct Marina soon after 2:30pm and on arrival were again warmed with hot drinks courtesy of The Galley restaurant. Exhausted volunteers were soon sitting in chairs swopping stories like fishermen about who had collected the largest pile of litter.


Over 50 bags of litter and a mass of fly tipping was collected on our twelve mile "Clean For a The Queen" litter pick. Almost all of it was collected from outside of our five and a half mile adopted length of the Middlewich Branch canal - well we would say that wouldn't we!!

What was collected besides the expected paper, plastic, tissues, bottles and cans? A cupboard door, small bath, work surfaces, garden furniture and wooden lattice, car number plates (YF56 HVL), tyres and wheels, hoover hose and an oven door - to list a few items. Oh, and the Cubs were much amused by collecting a large pair of white knickers - of the type that boats' props love so much.