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Kelvin Marine Engines - Kelvin Diesel Engines

Kelvin Diesel Engine - Kelvin Marine Engine

In 1907 the Kelvin company installed one of its engines in a fishing boat, and in 1908 produced its first purpose designed marine engine.

The name of the company was changed to the "Bergius Launch and Engine Company".

The company expanded rapidly with the move to a new factory at Dobbies Loan, Glasgow in 1910. Output of engines increased to over 700 a year, and in 1915 the poppet valve range of engines was launched, these engines would remain in production in an updated form until 1968.

In 1921 Walter Bergius designed his sleeve valve range of engines, though the engines performed well and were very quiet, a feature of sleeve valve engines due to the lack of noisy valves and tappets, the engines were prone to excessive wear. The last sleeve-valve Kelvin engine was made in 1946.

Kelvin Diesel Engines

The company's first diesel engine was introduced in 1931, a 2 cylinder engine which formed the basis of the model "K" range of engines, with K1, K2, K3, K4, and K6 (cylinder) versions. Later in 1933 a smaller diesel engine called the model "J" was launched, with J2, J3, and J4 (cylinder) variants. The "K" range remained in production until 1974, and the "J" range continued until 1970.

The Oil Engine Co. (About) Established in 1989 to supply vintage marine engines. Now specialising in Kelvins. Generally have in stock for sale: Kelvin J2, and J4. Kelvin K4 plus tons of used parts and new pistons, liners, cylinders, heads, valves, pushrods, main and big end shells for the above. Other vintage engines may be available.
Contact: Kevin Whittle
Email: [email protected]

Kelvin Diesels, 133 Helen St., Glasgow G51 3HD Marine Diesel Engine & Propulsion Package Specialists
Tel: 0141 4452455
Fax: 0141 4454567
Email: [email protected]