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NB "Towy" BW 63553 - Historic Narrowboats

Narrowboat Towy 63553

Towy is registered with British Waterways with number 63553 as a powered craft (??BHP) with a wooden hull by Fellows, Morton and Clay - date not known.

Length 70 feet 1 inch (21.35m); Beam 7 feet (2.14m); Draft 3 feet (0.92m).

We saw Narrowboat Towy on 25 November 2009 at east of Falkeners Bridge (#116) on the Shropshire Union Canal and she was in surprisingly good order.

Two Shares Available In Historic Narrowboat - Tel: 01524 383 754

The narrow boat Towy was a river class narrowboat built by Fellows Morton and Clayton Limited, at Uxbridge, Middlesex in July 1938. Towy was one of a batch of 8 motor boats designed to work between Stanlow Oil Refinery on the Manchester Ship Canal and the West Midlands.
Like her sister craft, the Towy was named after British rivers, the "T" names signifying craft built or acquired in that year. Other 1938 craft include Tweed, Tay and Tees while 1937 boats are "S" and include Stour and Spey. The batch of boats was completed in 1939 with "U"- Usk and Umea. These eight sisters were owned by the well known carrying firm Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd, specialists in the carriage of liquid cargoes.

Article by Stanley C. Jenkins MA who is a part owner of NB Towy: www.CanalBarge.co.uk/Towy (opens in new window)

You can also find a website about the boat at: www.NBTowy.co.nr

If you have any more information about this boat, please let us know [email protected]