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NB "Tebay" BW 47282 - Historic Narrowboat

Historic Narrowboat For Sale - LMS Tebay

Narrowboat Tebay 47282

NB "Tebay" BW 47282 - Historic Narrowboat
NB "Tebay" BW 47282 - Historic NarrowboatTebay is a historic hulled tug front narrowboat registered with British Waterways with number 47282 as a powered craft (33BHP) with a metal hull by Yarwood & Sons - date not known.

Length 52feet (15.85m); Beam 6feet 10inches (2.08m); Draft 2feet 9inches (0.84m).

We saw Narrowboat Tebay on 19 November 2009 at Victoria Wharf (bridge 65) on the Shropshire Union Canal and she was in good order.

Kevin Whittle of The Oil Engine Co. told us in November 2010 that he owns Narrowboat Tebay and filled in the following details:

Gauged at Tipton in Oct 1929, BCN 1565 for the LMS railway
Transferred to BW and they cut down to 35 ft. Used as the mess boat for the Brades dredging gang. Sold by them in 1987.

Kevin said he purchased Tebay then and took her to Tony Gregory. He craned her out at his G.M. Engineering Company, that was situated in Great Western Street, Wednesbury, West Midlands. Here she was re bottomed and re footed and a new 35 ft cabin added, along with a new stern end. Making her 52 ft total.

Kevin installed a 15hp Bolinder semi and ran like that for 10 years based at Stourport. In 1997 he removed the Bolinder and installed a rebuilt Kelvin J3 of 33shp at 1000rpm. Retaining the original Bolinder stern gear including the cast iron 26" prop.
She is painted in LMS freight colours, as befitting a working boat.

We have also been informed by Tony Gregory that: He closed G.M. Engineering, in 1993 following a compulsory purchase order by the Black Country Development Corporation for redevelopment of the area.

If you have any more information about this boat, please let us know [email protected]