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NB "Starling" BW 66499 - Historic Narrowboats

Narrowboat Starling 66499

NB "Starling" BW 66499 - Historic Narrowboats
NB "Starling" BW 66499 - Historic NarrowboatsStarling is registered with British Waterways with number 66499 as a powered craft (22BHP) with a metal hull by Yarwood and Sons - date not known.

Length 69 feet (21.04m); Beam 7 feet (2.14m); Draft 3 feet 4 inches (1.01m).

We saw Narrowboat Starling on 18 November 2009 at the old Cadbury's Knighton Wharf on the Shropshire Union Canal and she was in good order even though she looked as though she was working for her living!

If you have any more information about this boat, please let us know [email protected]