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NB "Battersea" BW 49292 - Historic Narrowboats

Narrowboat Battersea 49292

NB "Battersea" BW 49292 - Historic Narrowboat
NB "Battersea" BW 49292 - Historic NarrowboatBattersea is a "Big Woolwich" first registered at Brentford, number 592 and now with British Waterways number 49292; as a powered craft (24BHP) with a metal hull, built in 1936 by Harland and Wolf with the fleet number 112.

Length 71ft 6in (21.8); Beam 7 feet (2.14m); Draft 2 feet 9 inches (0.84m).

Originally G.U.C.C. Co. Ltd. believed paired with butty 230, Bayswater.

During WWII she was used by Ely and Kit Gayford as a training vessel to train the women of the 'IW Ladies' who took over from the men on ‘the cut’ and paired with 382 Uttoxeter at times.

Paired with butty Ewell in 1950. Re-sold by BWB in 1967.

We personally saw Narrowboat Battersea on 14 November 2009 at The Anchor PH, High Offley on the Shropshire Union Canal and she was in good order.

NB "Battersea" BW 49292 - Historic Narrowboat

NB "Battersea" BW 49292 - Historic NarrowboatLooking great in her G.U.C.C. Co. Ltd. livery.

Battersea has been re-bottomed and fully fitted out inside under the cloths.

Thanks to Colin Walker, who owned NB Battersea from 1975 – 1979, we have been able to add some details to our original text.

Colin Walker bought her in working trim and Battersea carried coal both for sale from the boat and the odd direct delivery to David Blaygrove at Stoke Bruerne. Battersea was powered by a Petter PD2 at that time.

Battersea was the first loaded boat (with 17 tons) to go up the re-opened Erewash Canal and it is believed she was the first loaded boat to make it to Froghall on the Caldon Canal when re-opened.

Early in the summer of 1976 the midlands canals were drying up and Battersea was taken her down onto the Thames where she could, at least, move. Over the winter of 1976/7 there was a little conversion and fitted her up with 48 seats to carry passengers. This was aimed mainly at disabled organisations. Battersea was sold as a going concern, based at Radcot on the upper Thames to one Nicholas Elwis.

The two pictures below were taken by Graham Smith circa 1976 at Radcott on the Thames when he was with a work colleague from Roneo Vickers who had a boat moored near by.

by Graham Smith circa 1976 at Radcott on the Thames
by Graham Smith circa 1976 at Radcott on the Thames
Battersea was paired with butty 203 Actis in 2004 for shows.

Information in Battersea's file provided by Pete Harrison

27/01/1936 - Order placed with Harland and Wolf, Woolwich for 24 steel pairs

02/10/1936 - delivered to G.U.C.C. Co Ltd with Butty Bayswater.
Battersea allocated fleet number 112
Engine: National 2DM, Bruntons gearbox with 2:1 reduction gear.

28/10/1936 - health registered at Brentford, allocated number 592.

30/11/1936 - gauged by Grand Union Canal Co, allocated number 12642.

14/09/1944 - on fleet list paired with UTTOXETER, steerer Miss Gayford. (see book "Amateur Boatwoman").

01/01/1948 - nationalised into British Transport Commission (Docks & Inland Waterways Executive) fleet.

08/06/1948 - on fleet list paired with NUNHEAD, steerer Lawrence Grantham.

04/1949 - docked.

Late 1951 - in general service.
23/09/1952 - in general service.
18/02/1953 - in general service.

06/05/1954 - in general service and to be retained in 120 pair fleet.

13/12/1954 - in general service.
22/04/1958 - in general service.

12/05/1958 - on fleet list paired with NUNHEAD, steerer A Meredith.

26/01/1959 - on fleet list paired with VIRGINIS, steerer A Meredith.
1960 - docked (around this time fitted with a Petters PD2 diesel engine).

15/02/1960 - on fleet list paired with TIVERTON, steerer A Meredith.

1961 - to be retained in carrying fleet.

1963 – hired to Willow Wren Canal Transport Services Ltd, then hired to boatmen.

Late 1967 - re-possessed by British Waterways Board due to non payment of hire fee.

1968 - sold to Clive Stevens, Tipton and paired with BARNES. Carried coal to Croxley until the mid seventies.

1975 - sold to C & P Walker.

1979 - sold to C W Groves and operated as a 48 seat trip boat based at Radcott (traded as Thames Cruisers).

1981 - sold to Mr Worsley and operated as a 48 seat trip boat based at Radcott (traded as Thames Cruisers).

1992 - fitted with a Ford Iveco four cylinder diesel engine.

1993 - de-commissioned as a trip boat and hold converted under cloths into a houseboat by Mr Worsley.

1996 – Re bottomed and re footed by Roger Farringdon

1997 - sold to Derek Kent.

2000 - fitted with a Lister HB2 diesel engine.

24/03/2003 - sold to Margaret Wilson and Mr John Hobby, and paired with ACTIS to rallies

06/08/2007 - sold to Louise Bush.

09/09/2011 - sold to Bob & Ellen Tidy

14/09/2011 - Docked Norbury Wharf.

07/08/2012 - Docked by Graeme Pearce of Stockton Dry Dock, fitted rebuilt National DM2, Bruntons gearbox with 2:1 reduction gear and 27"x17" propeller.

If you have any more information about Battersea, please let us know HERE