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Jensen 541 Handbooks

I own a magnificent Jensen 541. As a labour of love, I have recently recreated the 541 Owner's Handbooks and made them available to other owners - the real thing is selling for around £150, so it is also useful to have a spare for display or everyday use. I have fully reset the typeface to give a fresh clear appearance, and exactly copied the layout of the original (including the spelling!). I have had to compromise on the external size and invented an attractive full-colour cover in which it is bound, but it is otherwise exactly as the original, with an added wiring diagram. The price is just £14.99 plus £1.20 UK postage / £3.65 International postage, but it could make a big difference to the paperwork file of your car.

Volumes are available for the 541, 541R, 541S and 1950's Interceptor/PW (the last is a facsimile reproduction). They will soon be available from Jensen specialists, but they are produced by me.

How to Order:
If you are ordering from outside the UK, please switch to this page: jensen-541-handbooks-information-abroad which will give you the £3.65 international postage.

The button below, headed Models, has the Jensen 541 Handbook as default. Click the arrow next to those words and you will see the choice of "541, 541R, 541S and PW & 4litre." Select the model you wish and you will be taken through to the credit card/ Paypal options. If you don't want to sign into PayPal, choose "Check out as a Guest" and you can use a credit card.

Any problems, just email me on [email protected] Drop me a line when you are done and I'll check you've got the right order placed.

Please note: to make it simple, there is no "Paypal Shopping Basket" - if you want different sorts of 541 Handbook, just repeat your order for each model.
If you want more than one copy of each, you can change the number and Update it on the Paypal page.

To confirm stock before payment contact me on [email protected] , as it can take over a month to order in new stock.