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Boat Mailbox Forwarding Service For UK Canal Cruisers -www.boatmail.co.uk - Launches an Internet Presence

Boatmail.co.uk is pleased to announce the launch of an internet presence for their boat mailbox forwarding service aimed primarily at the inland waterways boating community.

Canal Cuttings publishes the following to make readers aware of this service but is not offering any personal recommendation.

Boat Mailbox - To set up your own Post Restante - I f you're travelling but want to stay in touch, you can take your letterbox with you. People can address mail to you and send it to any UK Post Office™With the ever increasing numbers of people living aboard on boats as full season or even continuous cruisers, the boater's mailbox service provided by www.boatmail.co.uk satisfies most of the needs for mail handling requirements for boaters on the move.

For Marina owners too, this service can add to the information available for moorers and for boat clubs help their members to stay in touch when away for an extended period of time.

The service can be utilised by individuals on a short or long term travel experience across the UK. Their service is based on any forwarding address that customers wish to nominate or to utilise the network of Post Offices for 'post restante' across the UK as a temporary delivery address.

Boatmail has been trading since 2006 and was conceived and developed by boating friends over a meal after enjoying a days boating. Although originally conceived as a service for continuous cruisers on canal boats, Boatmail's mail forwarding service can be used by anyone who has short, or long term mail forwarding requirements due to work or leisure activities.

Boatmail is headed up John Glock who has nearly 30 years experience in the mail industry and a keen boater, with his own boat and extensive cruising experience, John has an appreciation of the growing continuous cruising community and their mail requirements.

Service fees are really competitive within the postal service industry and the offering is available by the month or year.

The website - www.Boatmail.co.uk, also includes a listing of main canals including villages / towns on route, junctions, distance and the number of locks. It also includes a growing listing of Post Offices near to canals where mail can be temporarily sent ' post restante' whilst you are cruising.


To set up your own Post Restante - If you're travelling but want to stay in touch, you can take your letterbox with you. People can address mail to you and send it to any UK Post Office™. You can use the service for up to three months in any one UK town for any letters.

You pick up your mail from Post Office™ branches in the UK; Mail stored for two weeks from the UK, one month from abroad; Mail is returned to sender if not picked up; The service is free of charge across the UK.

The person sending you mail just has to include the following on their envelope: your full name, the words 'POSTE RESTANTE' or 'TO BE CALLED FOR', followed by 'POST OFFICE' and the full address of the Post Office branch. If it's only addressed to a town name, for example 'POST RESTANTE, LONDON', then it will go to the closest main Post Office branch. The sender should also include their return address on the outside of the mail.

You need to take proof of identity with you in the UK when picking up mail. For someone else to pick up your mail, they will need to show written permission from you, as well as proof of your identity and their own.

In the UK, the Post Office hold mail posted from the UK for two weeks, and mail posted from abroad for one month. If it isn't picked up within that time, the post it back will be returned to the sender, or if there's no sender, we treat it as undeliverable. If the person sending you mail would like it returned sooner than the two week period, they can say so on the envelope.