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UK Canal Walks - UK River Walks

Walking the towpaths of Britain's canals
and navigable rivers.

Canal Walks are a great form of exercise. Take a look at the health benefits of a waterside stroll.

Our canals provide fantastic routes through some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside with the opportunity to stop in interesting towns and pretty villages. Along the way there’s lots to see – boats, locks, wharfs, aqueducts, castles, industrial heritage and plenty of wildlife. Plus they have the added benefit of being flat and even, and it’s not easy to get lost! But because they travel in one direction it’s not always easy to construct circular walking routes. Fortunately the routes of many canals are followed by rail and road, making it easy to walk in one direction and travel back by train or bus. Some of our canal walks are designed and supplied by www.MeanderHolidays.co.uk

Whether you walk on your own, with your friends and family, with your dog or as part of a group of hikers or ramblers; with over half the UK population living within about five miles of a canal or navigable river, it couldn't be easier to take to the towpaths and enjoy the health benefits of a canal walk.
Canal Walks particularly are a popular way of discovering the natural, cultural and industrial heritage of the UK. Besides all that taking a canal walk is easy exercise as most canals are level for many miles making them suitable for people of all ages and walking abilities. There are over 1,500 miles of canal and river walking routes around the country with links to thousands of miles of footpaths. Why not choose a different canal walk each month as part of your exercise routine to work off an extra few calories!
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that simply being near to water makes people feel more relaxed - so what better place is there to exercise and spend your leisure time than alongside a canal or river? The towpaths of navigable rivers and canals provide peaceful havens in towns and cities across the UK. The inland waterways network provides many excellent walking routes for leisurely strolls or even long-distance hikes.
If you live in London why not look at planning a walking holiday along the only waterside National Trail, the Thames Path, which takes you from London to the Cotswolds and back again. Reduce your carbon footprint to zero on your next holiday! We have joined with Meander Holidays to bring you some canalside walks of varying length.

Tips for Canal and Riverside Walks:

Tips for Canal and Riverside Walks

Plan your navigable river or canal walk. Have some idea where you are going to turn around along the way. Don't wait until you're tired before you turn back if you intend to walk back.

Wear lightweight layered clothes, sturdy shoes and a hat. Carry at least 500ml of drinking water per person, no matter what the weather.

Keep an eye and ear out for cyclists. They don't have right of way but many seem to think they have!

Take binoculars and a camera with you if you have them - you never know what will pop up! Oh! Sunglasses too.

Keep children close at hand and don't allow them to run along the waterside or play near locks or weirs.

Please don't disturb wildlife or damage habitat.

Keep dogs under control and don't forget, please, pick up the poop. There is only one thing worse than a dog poo on the towpath and that's another dog poo on the towpath!

Some typical canal walks:

Canal Walks Lancashire

Canal Walks Wiltshire


Lancaster Canal Walks

Llangollen Canal Walks