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Barbridge Junction - Shropshire Union Part 1

Part of the Four Counties Ring

This is the journey on the Shropshire Union Canal from Barbridge Junction, Wardle, in Cheshire just off the A51 trunk road about 2 miles north of Nantwich to Audley Junction, Wolverhampton, West Midlands to Hack Green.

Barbridge Junction

Picture of Barbridge Junction

Heading south from Barbridge Junction you will pass the high banks of the reservoir just north of Hurleston Junction where the Llangollen Canal joins the Shropshire Union. A mile or so further south there is the Marina of the NBCSC (Nantwich and Border Counties Sailing Club) at the branch for Nantwich Basin branch.


Staying on the Shropshire Union, with Nantwich on the horizon and tea time looming you might wish to search out a fish and chip shop. If you moor at the first British Waterways approved visitor moorings you are north of an aqueduct over the A534 in towards Nantwich centre. The fish and chip shop is about 400 meters towards town, after the school, on the left. After your tea you could cruise for another hour or so and mooring can be found just south of Hack Green Locks. Here you will notice that British Waterways and the Shropshire Union Canal Society have provided picnic tables one of which has disabled access! Good news. Well done the Shropshire Union Canal Society!

Hack Green Locks

One bridge down from the locks there is foot access to a ‘Secret Bunker’ (Nuclear Bunker) about 600 meters east towards Hack Green. With hopefully the promise of a fine sunset you can settle down for the evening.

Sunset at Hack Green

Picture of sunset at Hack Green