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Boat Equipment

Whether your boat is new, second hand, borrowed or hired, a GRP cruiser or a steel narrowboat, before you venture out of the marina on to the rivers or canal; Captain – check your equipment.

Listed alphabetically below is the ancillary equipment either required by law or needed to enable the safe handling and general progress of your boat. We have included items that we believe are generally accepted as essential by boaters:

Anchor – Required in an emergency and legal requirement on rivers.

Barge Pole – Required to fend your boat off obstructions or assist in re-floating a stranded boat.

Boat Hook – To retrieve items from the water and pulling the boat in towards the bank.

Bucket – For mopping down the deck etc.

Centre Line or Handling Rope – To hold the boat at locks or when mooring.

Club hammer – For driving mooring stakes into the ground.

Engine Oil – To keep the engine oil to required levels.

Fenders – To prevent damage to or by the boat.

Fire Blanket(s) – The Boat Safety Scheme states the minimum requirements for the size and type of craft.

Fire Extinguisher(s) – Again the Boat Safety Scheme states the minimum requirements for the size and type of craft.

First Aid Kit – Containing a full range of first aid equipment and instructions on how to use them.

Floating Key Ring – Every boat should have them on all keys.

Fuel Container + Funnel – Stowed properly. Containing emergency spare fuel. Enough for a few hours cruising.

Gang Plank – To assist boarding where required.

Grease – For prop-shaft water seal.

Horn – A regulatory requirement for most boats.

Insurance – Evidence of at least third party insurance is required for British Waterways licensing.