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Boat descriptions - Cruisers

Types of Cruisers

Widebeam GRP Cruiser - Forward Steer

Cruisers or cabin cruisers: These are usually constructed of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) compound that gives a low maintenance hull that will only deteriorate over a period of many years. They are not as resilient against impact as steel hulls so do require good fender protection. GRP hulls are somewhat cheaper than steel and are usually monocoque, in which the shell absorbs all or most of the stresses to which the cabin cruiser hull is subjected. Cruisers may also be manufactured in wood or steel. Properly maintained both wood and steel boats may last as well as GRP hull boats. Aft cockpit cruiser: Aft Cockpit CruiserThese craft usually accommodate up to 4 persons. Aft cockpit boats tend to be smaller, and are a popular choice cabin cruiser for first-timers to boating being generally easier to manoeuvre, since all of the boat is visible forward from the helmsman's steering position.
Dual steering cruiser: Usually accommodates between 2 to 8 persons. This style of craft gives the helmsman the benefit of the choice of steering positions - one on the raised sundeck and one below inside the accommodation area. This style makes for really good all weather cruising.

Forward helm cruiser: Forward Steer CruiserThese popular cabin cruisers usually accommodate up to 8 persons. Forward vision is very good. They usually feature a single-level deck which many families find more convenient and easy.
Centre cockpit cruiser: Centre Steer GRP CruiserUsually accommodates from 2 to 10 persons. Features a large retractable or sliding canopy over saloon and or cockpit area. These craft offer the choice of a wide range of layouts.