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Narrowboat Shared Ownership Schemes

Owning the narrowboating experience but sharing the cost is how many of the narrowboat shared ownership schemes can help you realise your dream of getting afloat.

Narrowboat shared ownership schemes have become very popular over the last few years. This is where a group of like-minded co-owners buy into a narrowboat shared ownership, each of whom owns a share of the narrowboat, with each co-owner's entitlement to use the boat being determined by the proportion of it that they own - i.e. if you own a 1/12 share you get 1/12 (4 weeks) of the year to use it solely as your own.

There are many advantages of shared-ownership, but the principal ones are: You pay only an equal proportion of the narrowboat's annual running costs. This would typically reduce the running cost per month's ownership to around £800 to £1000, making it a lot cheaper than narrow boat hire. That you're only purchasing a proportion of the boat, rather than the whole, so it's likely you'll be able to afford a higher quality and superior specification narrowboat. Your pride and joy is not left to deteriorate at expensive moorings for much of the year, but is used, aired, regularly cleaned and professionally serviced. Many people want to use their boat during the busy summer months of June, July and August, whilst some others prefer to cruise when it's a bit quieter, April, May, September and October. Some narrowboat share schemes allow co-owners to choose if they want to cruise in the busy summer period, or the quieter months and then you will generally continue with this choice throughout your ownership of the boat unless you exchange with another co-owner.