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How to Advertise on Canal Cuttings!

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Boat descriptions

Which type of boat is right for you?


The generic descriptions below, explained in more depth on other pages, will start to help you decide which type of boat you are looking for. The type of boat you choose will depend greatly on what you expect to get out of your boat, where you want to use it and to a great degree on how much you are willing or able to spend. Follow the route through and you find the type of boat that is right for you.

There is a current stock of over 2000 miles of navigable waterways in the UK today, and with canal and river restorations ongoing and new canals being built it is no wonder that boating is becoming more popular. Notwithstanding TV programmes, like 'Waterworld', extolling the virtues of boat ownership and waters recreational use!


Most narrowboats can be used on most navigable rivers and canals in the UK. Narrowboats are generally steel, aluminium, grp or wooden boats of 7' wide beam or less, built on the style of hull used for canal or river barges. Narrowboats can be constructed with, but usually without, a keel.

Wide-beam Boats:

Wide-beam boats can be used on most navigable rivers and wide canals in the UK. Wide-beam boats are generally boats over 30' with a beam over 7' built on a hull style of a canal, river or even sea going barge. Wide-beam boats can be constructed with or without a keel.

River / Canal Cruisers:

Most Cruisers can be used on most navigable rivers and canals in the UK. Cruisers are boats that are of any length and are generally 'designer' boats. Usually constructed of glass fibre re-enforced plastics (GRP), aluminium or wood. They can be narrow or wide-beam.